Thursday, 3 August 2017


I stare at the mirror everyday
only to find a stranger
someone with red and puffy eyes
tears falling from her eyes
pain and hurt etched on her face

I wished to help her
to do anything to make her happy
her wails and screams
pierced deep inside me

Her broken demeanor
brought tears to my eyes
and so i approached her
to console and comfort her

But little did i know
that the girl lying in pain
was myself
in need of her salvation
and that was ........................

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

letters of pain

DAY - 2

before i met you , i used to tell myself that

i would never fall in love ,

but that turned out to be the biggest lie 

i convinced myself  with.

letters of pain

DAY -1

Each time you spoke with me and told me how much you love me, i hid the fact that i was falling for you

but  the day you left me i learned the most hardest truth and the truth shattered me into tears and hurt me. the truth was...

I was not falling for you but i had fallen really hard for you and i would never come out of it.

letters of pain


 Dear Love,

i find it difficult to bottle up my feelings for you in my heart. it hurts me a lot.

if you ever by chance see this book i wish you would read it because it has all my bottled up feelings for you. this book would speak volumes of what i feel for you.

but i also wish that you wouldnt read this because my words could weigh you down in pain so will you be hurt. i can never bear myself to see you hurt as it also hurts me.



letters of pain

this is a story that tells about the pain of a girl after the guy she loved left her. she writes letters everyday and keeps them in a box. each letter shows the pain she was in and how much she wishes for her love to come back to her. it explains her feelings and at times thoughts on that guy.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

The hardest thing in life is to see the one you love, love someone else

Wednesday, 19 April 2017


you were like the salvation
that fell into this world of loneliness
where lived a pained and broken soul
that seeks for your love and presence

your presence were the drops of water
in this barren and parched heart
where darkness prevailed
wishing to conquer the soul

*i have got no idea about what the title should be. if u guys have any suggestion please comment or email me