Friday, 30 September 2016


Those eyes were guarded with
nothing but desire and darkness
those dark orbs were penetrating me
with a gaze that made me squirm

Those hands were clawing my skin
burning me with filthy marks
that were bound to be
with me forever

I could feel nothing but pain
cause that smile made me
fear for my sanity and life
but no one but the devil was there to see me

I screamed in fear and agony
but nothing stopped that scum
from robbing my innocence
cause no one would hear me
and then that filthy mouth trapped me


*sorry for the use of bad words

From this poem i would like to highlight the pain of a girl. life of a girl is not safe anywhere in this world. I believe that we should take steps to protect the girls. Their safety is also important.                                                   

Friday, 9 September 2016

Our society

It is said that a society can emotionally destroy a person. Everyone knows about the evil of our society but isn't it true that we make these societies. Yes, we people create societies. Society can only judge a person by a his/her outer looks or actions but not their inner looks. All the people in this world has once being broken in their life. Everyone of us try to hide the pain or broken feeling by putting a mask of fakeness like a fake smile or laugh. But have any of us ever noticed it ? If not ,why is that we never noticed it ? We have never seen it cause we have never looked past those fake smiles to see pain in those eyes. Even when it was our dear one's we never had time for it. But I firmly believe that when we can see a person past his or her mask of fakeness, only then we can judge a person only then are we different from the society.

Haven't we all seen many suicides of teens in Newspapers ? But the thing is that have we ever thought of what is the reason that made them choose death ? No, none of us have done it cause we never had time. But we conclude each of these cases as some immature act. Nowadays parents always compel and expect more from their children cause there should never be questions from society. Parents are more concerned of more what society thinks than about their children. Teens get frustrated easily and of course the low marks make them think of death than facing their parents.

There was once a time when girls were put on blame for each and everything by the society. if a girl can't dance and sing was tagged weird. If  a girl wears a modern dress then doesn't have any sense about what to wear. If a girl talks to a guy for the reason can be anything then that girl is tagged bad influence. This is how society always judged girls. Even now they judge us but we are always too blind to not to see  it.

If a person is outspoken or silent then he or she's considered rude but If the person speaks a lot then he or she is considered attention seeker. But could be about the part why they became silent or outspoken? It can be their insecurities or their past that made them silent but we never gave a chance to think about it. If he or she talks a lot then it can because he/she never got attention from his/her parents. But we never thought deeply enough to understand a person's character cause we never had time for it, not to forget we were too selfish to think about others. we would always conclude it at by blaming them for what they are. Girls could never come up even when they were abused cause they were blamed in the society. Isn't it because of the selfish feeling of the society ?

It is said that emotional pain is more powerful than physical pain, to numb the emotional pain one  should feel the physical pain. There are people who are emotionally broken by the society. To hide that pain they physically  cut themselves or suicide. Therefore it is understood that a society can kill a person. We have thought only about corruption, girl education etc as the major threats of our country. No one thought about the evil society that judges us cruelly as a threat when we cant change the society or ourselves from judging others then how can we stop corruption that's all over the country. When you can't change yourselves how will you change the country? But I believe that when we can accept ourselves  and when god accepts us only then we are right.  Why should we be bothered about the acceptance of the society when we can accept ourselves? When we do something that's right according to our conscience then why should we worry about what the society thinks ?

Sunday, 4 September 2016

why those blue eyes pained

  I opened my eyes
to find darkness around me
it pained for i was tied by a rope
and was sitting on a chair.

The sound of footsteps,
increased the fear in me
the door opened
which made me feel the thud thud closer

I looked up in time
to find a pair of blue eyes
the eyes that i found to love
yes, the person whom i loved

but there was nothing
but pain in those eyes
but why pained?
for he wanted me dead


Friday, 2 September 2016

Who was he ?

Everyone knows me as a party girl,
But not the pained vulnerable girl.
That leaved beneath me,
No one knew of my pain.

The pain of a girl, that was seen in me,
When my parents left me,
When my best friend ditched me,
When the pain consumed me,
I was drowning in the pool of pain.

The pool from which,
No one could help me
But there came a guy
like a friend, to save me.

The one who saved me,
From the pool of pain,
who cared and loved me
The one who brought me back to my life.

But he left me one day
I wish i knew him more
I wish to speak to him
But only those blue-eyes
I remember......


He left me with nothing
Nothing, but my broken heart
It broke me into pieces 
But i held myself together
For the pain should never consume me.

He shattered my dreams 
But i held myself together
For the pain should never consume me 
The words he told me, 
My head throbs for him.

How, he taught me to love
But left me for my good
Shattering me into pieces 
My heart aches for him
For he was mine!!!


Thy world never know
The pain they fled in me
The pain that can kill me
Oh how will i survive?

Thy world is flooded.
In corruption and wrongness
Which makes me wrong
For there are wrong people

I am pained forever
For I went wrong
The wrongness will kill me
My guilt shall drive me mad
For the world is mad

I wish to be never born
For the world is breaking me apart
In floods of pain, shame and blood
I wish I was good
For the guilt drives me mad