Wednesday, 19 April 2017


you were like the salvation
that fell into this world of loneliness
where lived a pained and broken soul
that seeks for your love and presence

your presence were the drops of water
in this barren and parched heart
where darkness prevailed
wishing to conquer the soul

*i have got no idea about what the title should be. if u guys have any suggestion please comment or email me

our friendship

when loneliness haunts me
 and the tears threaten to fall
I wish only for one thing
the last wish I can ever make

I wish for those days
when i could tell you everything
those days of honesty and truthfulness
we shared with each-other

the days we cried for each other
in the arms of one another
nothing could break us apart
except for ourselves and our feelings

we never knew that
this would end one day
where everything we had built
will fall down and crumble into pieces

the days when we shed tears
cursing our fate and ourselves
but one thing shall remain the same
the fact that we still cry for eachother

finally we forget the past
and move on for our benefit
but one day we will meet again
for our life shall cross paths

the day that shocks us forever
the day when we stutter
we forget that we were friends
but one thing remains
the akward silence
that started our friendship